What’s up folks.

…I’m the Affiliate Marketing Samurai underneath Miyamoto Musashi – Ghost of “The Dojo”

December 17th 2014 I honorably discharged from the Military in the Outskirts of Tacoma Washington…

13 months prior to that, in my off time…

I dealt with frustration after frustration with ‘Network Marketing’…

& so I ventured off to become an Online Vendor..and bought over two dozen crash courses…

As I would soon find out, the road to Mastery in this Field was Much more than a few “Trial Runs”….

…& so along the way now, I have decided to start sharing what ive learned.

..Courtesy of “The Dojo”

I will give you my wisdom, expertise and insight in bite sized digestible chunks..

…that are practical and actually makes sense…


if you’re looking at this and you’re just getting your start in Affiliate Marketing..

…you may be having slight struggle… or growing pains.. (which is totally normal)

…or if you’re just looking for further clarity in general when it comes to our niche:

read along because:

what i’ll do now is redirect you over to the strategies and tutorials

over on the Blog Section of my Website

…here, I cover just about every topic and sub topic imaginable

when it comes to affiliate marketing and this includes (but not limited to) –

– Search Engine Optimization Strategies

– Video Marketing Strategies

– Drop Shipping Strategies

– Profitable Blogging Strategies

– Traffic Generation Strategies (Free & Paid)

– Scientific Advertising Strategies

– Growth Hacking Strategies

– Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies

– Email Marketing Strategies

– Copy Writing Strategies

– Direct Marketing Strategies

– Funnel Hacking Strategies

& if you ever have any questions about anything or if anything in general is confusing…

… i will be more than happy

to help you out..

and even if I don’t have the answer right away,ill be sure to provide you with the necessary resources

and point you in the right direction

The reason for this is because i have gone through “The Ringer” with Affiliate Marketing…

…and as silly as it sound to a Non Samurai – I Genuinely Have Passion for Showing Folks the Pitfall I went Through So That They Can Avoid Them

& get To Destination Quicker and More Seamless…

,,,because that’s what its all about right?

…Our Desired result…

…whether that be freedom, more time spent with the family

or just more money in the bank account in general..


…If that sounds fair enough to you,

then i hope you enjoy all of the content, and your experience here on my Website, and if you enjoy what you see , feel free to leave a comment. πŸ™‚